I have always had a passion of going with the wind and being on the water.                                      

It's fair to say, I started Sailing when I was a baby. :) With my parents I spend many holiday on a boat.

Later I raced in Optimists and 420er Boats, tried windsurfing and wake boarding until I discovered Kitesurfing.   

When I picked up my first race board I discovered a new love, the love of going the distance on the water fairly unprotected, as fast as you like and in pretty much any wind conditions.

I joint the first international competitions in 2013 as well as the first Red Bull Coast to Coast Race in 2014, the longest race on the water to date. This inspired me to go further. The plan shaped to Kitesurf around Bahrain. In 2014, I managed to brake the World Record of the longest continuous journey by Kite (female) by circumnavigating the is land I called my home, in a 12h mission covering 250km.

My journey continued and I Kitesurfed from Bahrain to Abu Dahbi in 2016, breaking my own record. This time I stayed 30h non stop on the water covering 491km.

This project was the final confirmation that I had lost my heart to the ocean and that I want to continue to chase the sunset on the water.

For a long time, crossing the Atlantic Ocean was on my bucket list too. When Francisco invited me to the Kitesurf Odyssey, there was no doubt to join the team.

This is the perfect challenge to continue chasing sunsets on the ocean

2017 is be the year where I will joins Francisco and embrace a completely new challenge, trying to break new records and connect the Azores to Mainland Portugal.

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Why am I doing this. I guess I don't want to wake up one day regretting that I didn't do it. I also hope I can inspire People that it is never to late to find your passion and to live your dreams. With my projects, I also support a Charity Organization called 'Wings for life'

'Wings for life", I believe is working towards a very important goal of making spinal cord injury curable and facilitate the development of technologies designed to reduce the risk of injury. Not only a very important goal but also very feasible.

Read more about them here: http://www.wingsforlife.com/en/

These projects are possible because of contributors and Partners friends and family!  

Thank you for your support! If you have an idea or you want to be part of the journey please feel free to contact us to support!